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April 1, 2024
April 1, 2024
Rap Album Ratings
February 13, 2024

Rap Album Ratings

Rap music is one of the biggest and most popular styles of music today. But some rappers fly under the media’s radar and are unnoticed and do not get enough attention. Some rappers are pretty well known by rap listeners, but a typical person doesn’t know who they usually are. But today I am ranking albums that I’ve listened to from top to bottom and ranking them, by many different artists, such as Yeat, Ken Carson, Drake and 21 Savage.

Ken Carson – A Great Chaos

Green Room – 9.3/10 – great opening song for the album, probably Ken Carson’s most lyrical song out there with a great F1lthy produced beat.

Jennifer’s Body – 9.6/10 – most popular song on the album, and one of the best with another crazy video game like beat.

Fighting Demons – 9.4/10 – another very popular song and the beat and flow switch in the song is definitely a good change of style from typical Ken Carson songs.

Singapore (ft. Destroy Lonely) – 8.7/10 – another crazy beat song, and honestly Destroy Lonely’s part makes the song much better, but nothing too special in the song.

Lose It – 9.2/10 – the amount of distortion in the beat of this song is crazy, and is probably the most aggressive song on the album, but still catchy and really good.

Hardcore – 8.3/10 – could’ve been an amazing song because of the beat, but the repetitiveness of him saying hardcore makes it much worse, but still not bad.

Me N My Kup – 8.9/10 – the wildest beat on the album and a great song, but it almost sounds like there’s too much going on in the song which knocks it down a bit in rankings.

It’s Over – 8.3/10 – a pretty normal short Ken Carson with not very good rapping, most likely the worst song on the album.

Succubus – 8.4/10 – a lot of people really love this song, and I see why, but it’s not really my style of rap because it sounds really slow and different.

Paranoid (ft. Destroy Lonely) – 9.2/10 – a very good song and once again Destroy Lonely’s verse is kinda what makes it so good.

Pots – 9.3/10 – another unique beat that also has a pretty good melody too, pretty underrated too.

Like This (ft Lil Uzi Vert and Destroy Lonely) – 8.6/10 – Lil Uzi’s part carries the song completely, but the same as Hardcore is pretty repetitive and kinda meh.

Overtime – 9.5/10 – short song but one of the best in the album for sure and has some pretty good lyrics too along with a very catchy beat.

Vampire Hour – 9.7/10 – another very underrated song that has some pretty solid lyrics too, and in my opinion one of the best songs on the album.

Nightcore – 7.9/10 – not the worst song of the album, I just really don’t like the hyperpop kind of beat and it being more of a pop song.

Nightcore 2 – 8.4/10 – pretty different than Nightcore 1, but still an average song.

Rockstar Lifestyle – 9.0/10 – a really good one with a unique intro and just a good song overall.

i need u – 9.8/10 – released as a single in February, it is still the catchiest song on the album and up there as one of the best on the album.

Overall Album Rating: 9.5/10

Yeat – 2 Alive

Poppin – 9.4/10 – a really solid opening song with a pretty catchy beat and melody.

Outside (ft. Young Thug) – 9.3/10 – Young Thug’s part is solid, but another really catchy song\

Real Six – 8.2/10 – kind of a slower song that is still good but just not good enough in my opinion to be on a daily playlist.

Nvr Again – 9.7/10 – a very catchy song with a crazy distorted beat and a more aggressive flow than earlier ones. Completely copies the beat of Murda Musik by Ken Carson though.

Luh Geek – 8.8/10 – a solid song and not too much to say about it besides it’s pretty good.

Rackz got me (ft. Gunna) – 9.0/10 – first song off the album I heard and it’s a really catchy beat, but Gunna’s verse was a waste and not very good.

Double – 9.6/10 – the calm to aggressive intro is amazing, and the 808s in this song really hit, one of the best on the album.

On tha Line – 10/10 – an absolute beauty of a song, the beat is amazing and the rapping is some of Yeat’s best too, a confident 10.

Jus better – 9.9/10 – very underrated song, super catchy flow that is used really well along with a catchy beat too.

Jump – 8.1/10 – not too much to say besides an okay song.

Dnt Lie – 9.2/10 – the beat is more poppy but it’s still used well and really good song in general.

Rollin – 9.8/10 – catchiest flow on the album and the beat flows so well with it too, best rapping on album.

Taliban – 9.4/10 – more of a chill song with calmer rapping but still really good and memorable.

Narcoticz (ft. Yung Kayo) – 8.3/10 – slower and darker song, not really my style and kinda basic song.

Call me – 8.2/10 – pop based song that’s good but similar style to Nightcore.

Kant die – 8.4/10 – another solid one but nothing too special out of it.

Geek High (ft. Ken Carson) – 9.5/10 – Ken Carson and Yeat combo is amazing, and the melody is amazing.

Luh m (ft. SeptembersRich) – 8.2/10 – It’s an okay song, and both Yeat and SeptembersRich part is just alright.

Smooktober – 7.9/10 – nothing to say besides it’s okay

Still countin – 9.6/10 – an amazing song with a really good beat and a nice catchy flow.

Overall Album Rating: 9.5/10

Ken Carson – X

Intro – 8.6/10 – an okay song that’s a little slower and pretty calm, with some actual good solid and meaningful lyrics.

New – 8.6/10 – a really good beat with strong 808s, but the repetitiveness of the same chorus over and over kinda ruins it.

Gems – 8.9/10 – similar sounding song to New, except there’s a pretty good verse and a better beat.

Nobody – 9.1/10 – a good beat and a good song, first song I heard off the album, just a good song overall.

Go – 9.4/10 – a really good song with a good beat and a repetitive but actually good chorus.

MDMA (ft. Destroy Lonely) – 9.8/10 – a crazy beat like Me N My Kup, and some of Ken Carson’s best rapping ever.

X – 9.9/10 – an amazing beat and some of the catchiest rapping from Ken’s catalog, just a personal favorite song.

PDBMH – 9.5/10 – another heater of a song, more poppy and light, but the beat is just so catchy.

Money Hunt – 8.4/10 – start of the boring part of the album, it’s okay but a similar beat reused.

South Beach – 8.9/10 – good song with some solid bass in it and it’s a solid song.

Going Schitz – 8.7/10 – pretty mid song, similar beat again and flow.

Same Thing – 9.0/10 – different beat and flow and it’s used well, along with much better rapping.

Freestyle 1 – 8.9/10 – the beat of the song is amazing, but it’s kind of too long and the rapping falls off midway, otherwise it would be an amazing hit.

Freestyle 2 – 9.9/10 – possibly his best song, the beat is really aggressive and the rapping is so catchy to go along with it, and some decent lyrics for a freestyle on a fast beat.

Fuk 12 – 9.2/10 – another pretty decent song with similar beats being used.
Murda Musik (ft. Destroy Lonely) – 9.7/10 – a really good beat and the lyrics together are so catchy, Nvr Again completely stole the beat it’s that good.

Delinquent (ft. Homixide Gang) – 8.6/10 – a mid song, Homixide Gang’s part is okay

Get Rich or Die – 8.9/10 – good song with a pretty good beat too.

Turn Up – 8.8/10 – a solid song too, but it seems like all the beats on the album at this point have been completely recycled.

The End – 8.5/10 – a pretty mid song that is not a very good end to a great album.

Overall Album Rating: 9.4/10

Drake & 21 Savage – Her Loss

Rich Flex – 8.9/10 – the most popular song on the album, and a good song but pretty overplayed and Drake’s part after the beat switch makes the song much better.

Major Distribution – 9.6/10 – after such a pretty piano and vocal intro, it turns into the most aggressive song on the album and both of their parts equally are amazing.

On BS – 9.3/10 – another really good song and this one is completely carried by 21 in my opinion. Drake’s part is good too, but this sounds more like a 21 song than a Drake song.

BackOutsideBoyz – 8.7/10 – 21 isn’t included in this song and only Drake raps on this one, and it’s pretty good, and Drake’s rapping is solid but not one of the best on the album.

Privileged Rappers – 9.4/10 – a pretty chill beat with just mostly lyrics and honestly it’s one of the best on the album for sure, and both equally have good parts.

Spin Bout U – 9.2/10 – another just really good song, and once again they go back and forth and it’s another amazing song.

Hours in Silence – 9.3/10 – one of the slowest songs on the album, but Drake carries this song, and his rapping throughout the whole song is really good, and very meaningful.

Treacherous Twins – 9.7/10 – the best song on the album in my opinion, it’s another really good one, and even though 21’s part is short it’s really catchy and the best.

Circo Loco – 9.5/10 – the sample used for the chorus in this song just makes it so catchy, and 21 Savage’s part again I think is better, but honestly it’s just overall a catchy song.

P*ssy & Millions (ft. Travis Scott) – 9.1/10 – I’m not a huge fan of the Drake and 21 verse, but once Travis Scott’s part comes in and the beat switches, it makes the song a lot better, but people in this song just make it overpowered and an automatic hit.

Broke Boys – 9.7/10 – Another one of the best on the album, and there’s another beat switch, but this time both parts are equally amazing and Drake and 21’s parts are both so good.

Middle of the Ocean – 9.2/10 – it’s another just Drake song on the combo album, and another one of the most chill songs on the album, and another beat switch, and some of the best rapping by Drake out there.

Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin – 8.9/10 – it’s back to back solo Drake songs, and this one is another good one, but nothing too special in my opinion besides it being prod, but definitely not a bad song.

More M’s – 9.4/10 – this one is Drake and 21 together, and 21 Savage once again makes the song come together so much better, but its a great song altogether and catchy too.

3AM on Glenwood – 8.6/10 – this one is a 21 Savage solo song, and it’s actually one of the chillest on the album, but still really good but not a typical 21 song.

I Guess it’s F*ck Me – 9.3/10 – the album ends on a solo Drake song, and it’s a really good closer, and another chill piano beat and Drake’s catchy rapping ends the album on a good beat.

Overall Album Rating: 9.4/10

So now we have been through 4 albums of modern rap music. If you haven’t heard these completely, I highly recommend you do, whether you like rap or not, but they’re all really good. The 2 Ken Carson albums and Yeat’s album is definitely a different style of rap than Drake’s album, but if you have diverse music tastes then it’s probably something you would enjoy.

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