Hotdog: Sandwich or Taco?

We asked you guys whether you think a hot dog is a sandwich or a taco. Here are the most helpful responses:

Hotdog: Sandwich or Taco?

Sandwich because a sandwich has two pieces of bread with filling in the middle. If it was a taco, it would need a harder shell on the outside – Tessa Strnad

A taco. Because like a taco it is surrounded by two sides, and has a base on the bottom of it, like a taco. – A student

Taco because you only use one bun/shell to make it a hotdog. A sand which uses 2. – A student

It’s a taco !! it has two sides and a bottom with filling in it rather than two separate pieces with filling in the middle. a taco shell is one item and so is a hot dog bun. meanwhile the bread for a sandwich is two separate pieces. (yes i know that hot dogs can BREAK sometimes and the bun is in two separate pieces but in its original form it’s just one) – A student


Helpful? No. Interesting? Sure.

A hotdog is a soup. – Elinor Bickley

Sand taco, both there is no need for a explanation – A student

A hotdog is it’s own separate entity and should be treated as such. Stop trying to categorize it. – Jeremy Akrish