Move Over Marvel: The Best Multiverse Movie’s Here!

Move Over Marvel: The Best Multiverse Movies Here!

Amelia McElhone, Editor in Chief

How would you feel if someone told you there are an infinite number of realities, in each of which a different version of you exists? Sounds pretty stupid, right? What if I told you these versions of yourself aren’t exactly the same as you, but rather they’re on different life paths? From riches and fame to poverty and failure, maybe add in a version with awesome superpowers—the possibilities, and realities are endless.  

This strange idea is called the multiverse. And it’s actually pretty cool.  

Multiverse Media Madness 

The concept of the multiverse has been widely explored in many different pieces of media. Take Marvel, for example. They’ve done a solid job adding this to their franchise. From Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, all these movies highlight the idea of alternate universes.  

But while these movies are decent, their sole focus on the concept tends to fade away from viewers. This is because while the multiverse is a big part of the movies, it isn’t people’s main focus. Their attention lies on the lovable characters. And who can blame them? I mean, Spider-Man is the best hero of all. But that’s not the point. 

The point is, there’s one multiverse movie that rises above all the rest. A movie that emphasizes relatable experiences, valuable life lessons, impeccable film techniques, and symbolic depth.  

Everything Everywhere All at Once.

 A movie directed by Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert that unlocks the limitless potential of the main character Evelyn Quan Wang. She’s a wife, mother, and the owner of a dingy laundry mat that’s on the verge of being shut down.  

From the beginning, the overwhelming stress and chaotic energy are clearly shown. Her life is so busy, and not in a good way. Because evidently, Evelyn is not happy. She’s got some problems with the IRS, her husband secretly wants a divorce, and her relationship with her daughter is crumbling because of Evelyn’s struggle to accept her sexuality and just the fact that she’s not the best mom.  

But everything changes for Evelyn when a version of her husband from a different universe contacts her and says that she’s destined to save the universe from an unimaginable evil named Jobu Tupaki.  

While covering so many deep topics, you’re bound to see yourself reflected in this movie.  

When I first walked into the movie theater, popcorn and blue icy in hand, I wouldn’t have guessed that a lot of the struggles I was going through would be so accurately portrayed in one of the best cinematic movies I’ve ever seen.

The movie portrays the struggles of family, and it does a deep dive into the special bonds we all hold with our loved ones. It talks about homophobia, generational trauma, cultural standards, marital issues, the idea of not living up to parental expectations, and so much more.

Compared to other movies, everything everywhere all at once holds many direct lessons and themes. Everything is very subjective so people tend to pull what they understand which is what makes the movie special.Topics like how kindness is crucial, being in the present moment, the importance of perspective, are all things that people can be reminded of. 

Symbolism like no other.

This movie shows how chaotic and noisy life can really be. Evelyn struggles to ground herself with all the universes she’s accessing in her mind. This symbolizes how we struggle to ground ourselves in the hecticness of our own lives.  

This is only one example of incredible symbolism. Even the silliest of things hold a deeper meaning. From googly eyes that represent enlightenment to black hole bagels (yes, for those who haven’t seen the movie, you read that right – black hole bagels) that represent the meaningless void of life, creativity and absurdity are key factors to the movie’s charm.  

The incredible style that sets this movie apart from the others. 

Besides the deep life lessons and issues it addresses, the way this movie is edited is insane. It uses an absurdism style, which is bizarre things that don’t really make sense. From taxidermied racoons controlling a chef to people with sausage fingers, this movie really is strange. The costume changes and attention to detail really make you feel like you’re sucked into the story. It’s art. 

So, watch the movie!

While this movie is bizarre to say the least, it does a phenomenal job at incorporating the multiverse and connecting it with vital life lessons that we can all use a reminder on. Made with passion and creativity, it’s easy to say that this movie won’t be forgotten any time soon. So go on, watch it. I’m sure you won’t regret it.