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2024 Winter Formal


On January 19th, Timnath held its second winter formal.


Walking through the doors you were greeted by the smiling staff that demanded your $20. There wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about the decorations and the theme wasn’t too conspicuously shown (other than the blow-up cactus). The night seemed less hyped and more relaxed than a typical high school dance. Many people there dressed in cowboy boots, flannels, and jeans, or a nice summer dress. There were light colored balloons and different types of lemonade including regular, pink, and Arnold Palmers to drink. There was some country music, but it was mostly the same basic music that plays at every dance. 


This winter formal seemed sudden and uncoordinated this year. There were low expectations regarding the attendance and music, especially with the theme being country, probably due to poor planning and execution. A lot of people did not go to the dance, but the people who did had similar opinions about it. 


Here are some quotes from people I interviewed who went to the dance:


How was your experience overall?


“Dude it was so fun, oh my god. Me and my friend Micah were slow dancing and stuff. Yeah, it was very romantic. I give it a 6/10, and that 6 was all Micah.” -Michael Morlet, Junior


“Honestly, I feel like they could’ve added more stuff to make it more fun, because, I didn’t even like the theme, but it was cool, you know, I had fun.” -Micah Mensah, Junior


“I think it was good, it was okay. There weren’t many people that came so that’s why it’s the only reason it was lame-ish. I mean, it wasn’t that lame but you know. It was a good night, I give it a solid 7/10.” -Student, Sophomore


“It was okay. The music was not good though, the music was…okay at best.” -Elijah Messier, Freshman


What were your expectations beforehand and was the dance better or worse?


“Honestly, it was a lot less than what it was.” -Michael Morlet, Junior


“It was kinda worse, not gonna lie.” -Micah Mensah, Junior


“I thought it would be a lot more like homecoming, but it wasn’t, it was way more chill. Probably worse than I expected.” -Student, Sophomore


“I kind of expected them to play crappy music I guess, I don’t know, I was hoping for better.” -Elijah Messier, Freshman


What do you wish was different?


“I would’ve chosen better songs in my opinion. And why pay for the ticket and then pay for the food? That was the worst part.” -Michael Morlet, Junior


“What do I wish was different? Probably the theme honestly.” -Micah Mensah, Junior


“I kinda wish there was more country music. I think the DJ could’ve been better but it wasn’t that  bad. I wish more people came.” -Student, Sophomore


“Honestly, I wish they just played better music because if they played better music then you can like dance to it and stuff.” -Elijah Messier, Freshman


Were there any memorable experiences?


“I remember drinking this one drink and I puked all over Micah but I cleaned it up off of him. I think it was the sweet tea that messed me up.” -Michael Morlet, Junior


“Not really, it was a typical high school dance, I guess, kinda boring.” -Elijah Messier, Freshman


Overall Review


I’d say most people who went shared similar experiences and opinions about it. It didn’t seem to be the worst dance ever, but it also wasn’t the best. 


Overall, the music was mid and there was probably something wrong with Michael’s tea.

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