Andrew Tate: The World’s Wicked Wacko? Weirdo? Womanizer?


There are two types of people; the ones who support Andrew Tate, and those who don’t. Sadly, the way Andrew Tate has been influencing the world has been changing how people, and especially impressionable young men, perceive women, and it affects many women around the world.

Students should care about this story because Andrew Tate’s influence has changed the world and how people view women. Especially in a middle-high school there’s going to be a lot more shaming and thinking that it’s okay to put women and girls down. High schoolers are a big “encouragement” for these sorts of things.

Into the Spotlight

A lot of the things Andrew Tate says or announces are quite controversial. Some more notorious comments he’s made include, “Women should be property, they need a man to look after them because they don’t have the capability to look after themselves, because well, they’re a woman,” stated by many young men around our community.

“Andrew Tate says things controversial and triggering because he knows he’s going to be supported and he knows that people love to see and hear all the bad stuff he says. I mean like, Andrew Tate human trafficked people, real human beings, and his followers like and support that. The only reason people know about him is because he pisses people off, and he says the things that other people don’t have the confidence to say,” Jeremy Akrish, a freshman, explained.

“Andrew Tate got a lot of attention for what he did – especially when everyone was fully online and always on social media – he was either loved and supported or hated,” Lydia Coleman, a freshman, stated. He clearly got a lot of attention by saying the things that he was saying because he knew that he would be the only one bold enough to speak up about those matters. “He thrives off of the attention, so he knows what to keep saying BECAUSE he gets noticed for what he’s saying.”

Of course, some people strongly disagree with some of the choices Andrew Tate has made, while still supporting most of his other works. The people who support want to follow his exact footsteps. “I support Andrew Tate with some things, but then there’s other things that he can take too far. But otherwise, he’s cool and I support him,” Timnath freshman Andrew Hamlin stated.

Personally, I don’t agree with the choices Tate has made because a) most of the stuff he’s doing is sexist, misogynistic, and controversial, which in turn, makes women feel less worthy than they are; and b) because it’s changed the way conversations used to run. People used to be able to agree on things that might not be agreeable, but now-a-days, because of the way the world has perceived Andrew Tate’s works, they’re less willing to engage in conversation.

Power vs Confidence

Now because of Tate’s major influence, there’s more confidence to act on harmful sentiment towards women for me, and less confidence to refute those comments for women. Lots of people, not just women, don’t think highly of themselves and don’t find themselves worthy of having attention or special things. “I think he’s powerful and says a lot of moving things. He also has nice cars – which makes him respectable,” Andrew Hamlin, a freshman, replied calmly.

It’s confidence in the way students idolize Andrew Tate that makes it so annoying to hear young men saying how women should be their property and why they need a man to look after them, be the bread maker of the household. Women should have a voice and be heard, they deserve to be looked and heard from.

Influence or Tragedy

However, there’s no point in what Andrew Tate is saying, he’s just saying those things to get attention and fame. Women don’t have to listen to the things he’s saying because we know he’s just saying those things to get the attention, the fame, the spotlight that Andrew Tate thinks he deserves.

“There’s no actual value for the things Andrew Tate is saying, they’re just words shoved together into a sentence,” Lydia Coleman commented.

It’s still harmful… Which is why tragedy of influence is such a big problem and it shouldn’t be shoved under the rug.

Off the Tate bus

Students should raise awareness for the fact that not all the things on social media are worth following and actions speak louder than words. Commentary on misogyny? Maybe those who support Tate should consider how those sentiments may impact their ability to get a date? Hint: women like men who treat them like they’re capable, not property.

Any action can hurt someone – it’s like throwing a rock in the ocean, but no one knows how deep that rock will go.